English Chess Federation Under 120 – 2017

Readers, I should start by pointing out that this event occurred all the way back in July. Going forward we will try to have more up to date reports for you. So here is a belated report from our friends at Essex chess. Many thanks to Chester.

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1 Jul – ECF U120 Final Middx 5½-6½ Essex
At Leamington Spa. Essex have won the U120 Final against Middx. The win was achieved with two games to spare as, at 6-4, Essex had a win on Board Count even if the last two games were lost. Essex showed great resilience as Middx had the early advantage, three times holding the lead in the early stages. Essex held their nerve and came back in the second half of the match to stretch over the winning line.

Many congratulations to the team and to skipper Malcolm Crane on a fantastic season, capped with the best result.

The final result of that bout was Middx 5½ – 6½ Essex. Thanks again to all those that participated and a special thanks to organisers.